Tools you need to build automated personailzed, omni-channel sales funnel

SAAS & Tutorial Everything marketer needs

At connectdots, we believe the automated, personalized, All channel covered sales funnels will keep bring business sales and leads. We aim to help you to set up the 1 sales funnel you need.


Marketing automation software that supports two SMS/Phone and email automation. Drip campaign, Press 1 Campaign, IVR system, SMS chatbots.

Robo Contact

Lead Generation and cold outreach automation software. Generates google business leads with any keyword in any location and automates the cold email and contact us form outreach.

Domain Leads

Lead generation software that allows you to get the contact information of anyone who has registered a public domain or has one expiring in the next 30 days.

Link Wizard

Link Wizard not only shortens your link into a “pretty” URL, but it also gives your business the tracking and protection you need to scale

Invoicing You

Custom invoicing software. Easily Sell Your Products Or Services Online.

Magic Zap

Conversion optimization software that allows you to Personalise, Track, and Engage your website visitors with a simple yet powerful software. You can also trigger specific business process automations when specific traffic visits your website.

Sticky Review

Conversion optimization software that displays real reviews from your clients/customers on your website, automates capturing and filtering reviews, and provides and exit trigger to show your best reviews as users go to leave your website.

Funnel Builder

The funnel builder that is better then clickfunnels.


We will do mini and extensive tutorials


Free and paid tutorials to show you how to build the most powerful sales funnel for your business.

Sales funnel should be personalized, automated, and omni-channel(that means SMS, Phone Call, Chatbots, Email coverage, Facebook, Google across channel remarketing coverage).

  • No Coding Required
  • Omini Channel Coverage Sales Funnel
  • Automated and Personalized Sales Funnel.

Platform Features

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Quick Launch

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Legendary Support

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