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Learn how to re-invent Pageviews, Shopping Cart, Checkout Purchase for your Shopify Store.

Provide incredible ways to build retarget & Lookalike audience. 

Immediate save you 80% Ads spent while increase your conversion rates!

Easy to implement in 5 minutes, copy-n-paste, no coding required.

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Simple Question, Hard to answer

Visitor A:
Who visit your product page, and spent 5 seconds, and left.

Visit B:
Who visit your product page, scroll down 100%, and spent 5 minutes on the page, and then left.

Who is more likely to convert? Who would like to retargeting to? Which segagement of audience you want to build your lookalike audience?

The answer is Clear! But it is impossible to do with default Shopify Facebook Pixel settings.

Not every pageview is created EQUAL. We pass page behavior data like scroll depth, active engaged time into your Pixel across all Shopify Pages.

You can learn it FOR FREE, No coding required! Only copy-n-paste!

Missing steps before checkout

The missing Steps:
Default Shopify settings track add to cart, then initiate Checkout, what about the user who only check the shopping page, got interrupted, never get the chance to initiate checkout? 

Well, we got it covered! and better yet, We can segagement the shopping cart viewer by:
1. Total values in cart
2. Number of products in cart
3. Products in cart

Not every Shopping cart is created EQUAL. We pass total value & number of products into your Pixel.

You can learn it FOR FREE, No coding required! Only copy-n-paste!

Shopify Checkout not in Blackbox anymore

Shopify is very protective with their checkout process! it’s impossible to add script in the checkout process or add more tracking in the checkout process(except Shopify plus user)

We can teach you how to track each checkout steps, along with the cart value & number of products for each steps for Every Shopify store.

Not every Checkout is created EQUAL. We pass total vale in cart, number of products in cart into your Pixel across all Shopify Checkout steps. Plus you can match with your product catalog, Dynamic ads will be possible!

You can learn it FOR FREE, No coding required! Only copy-n-paste!

Find your VIP Customer

Improvement on purchase:
Except the default purchase event, we are giving your more valuable information along with the purchase event.

For every purchase, we pass below data into your pixel:
1. Total values purchased
2. Total number of orders purchased from you
3. Date of last order

Not every Purchase is created EQUAL. You can create life time value lookalike audience using the Total value purchased, or retarget the customer to purchase more using date of last order data.

You can learn it FOR FREE, No coding required! Only copy-n-paste!

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