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How much of your marketing budget
is being wasted?

Are you spinning your wheels managing your own marketing? Or is your digital marketing agency failing to deliver the results they promised?

You could keep following the same path and hope something improves. Who knows, after a few years you might have SEM, SEO, PPC, and CRO figured out for yourself. Or your agency might eventually ‘crack the code’ and get you the results you desperately need.

But just how long are you prepared to keep throwing money down the drain before you sort out this area of your business for good?

Digital marketing isn’t magic. But there are a lot of ways to make your money disappear.

To be successful marketing online, you need to avoid the shiny tactics, avoid the fancy gimmicks, and avoid the general B.S. advice people will give you who have no real world results. has spent the last 5 years in the trenches testing, learning, and improving how to get you the absolute most out of every dollar spent on digital marketing.

Get in touch today, and find out how to get a better return on your marketing dollar.

How do we help?

We start with a true understanding of who your customers are, how your business makes money, and the highest leverage activities to increase your return on investment.

How does this work?

Finding your ideal audience

No matter who you are or what you sell, the people who buy your product are online. The first step in reaching them is knowing where to find them. We help you locate your audience online using Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Facebook Ad Planner and other audience analysis tools.

Attracting the right visitors

Outbound is over. The days of pushing messages on consumers is dead. Don’t be that guy. If you sell something of value there are people, looking for it. We just need to make sure they find you. We attract the right visitors to your site using Google AdWords, SEO, Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Impulsing visitors to buy

Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before. You need to un-commoditise your message, tell people a story, make them believe, make them care and compel them to choose you. We give your website visitors more reasons to buy and less reasons not to, using Landing Pages, Website Content, Video Content, Conversion Copywriting & Retargeting.

Converting visitors to customers

Over 95% of all website traffic does not convert. As a Digital Marketing Agency, this is the largest opportunity we see in online business today. Why are so many of your website visitors not contacting you?

Measure, optimise, repeat

Every dollar you spend on Digital Marketing should teach you something. Every campaign should improve and become profitable over time. There are no more excuses.

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Does it work?

Michael Sherlock


“Having worked with countless marketing and PR firms in my former position as the CEO of Brumby’s Bakeries, I find Connectdots refreshingly responsive and insightful. I’ve worked with Connectdots for years now and was really excited by the opportunity to involve them in my latest project at Sentinel Property Group.”

Carla Cook


“The team at Connectdots are a pleasure to work with because they are a local company that give us the opportunity to work alongside them on our campaigns and help us to execute all of our concepts and plans effectively. We really enjoy our regular strategy meetings and always feel welcome to put any of our ideas on the table.”

Chris Slade


“After our first meeting with Connecetdots we were instantly impressed with their professionalism. We believe that Google Adwords will be of utmost importance for our survival in this difficult time. Connectdots are very good at what they do, and are always available to chat via email or phone call. I highly recommend them.”

See How Our Results Stacked Up In 2017

Who have we actually helped? What did we do? What impact did it have on their business? Find out all this and more by downloading our latest digital marketing case studies.

What strategies do we use?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO drives more traffic, more leads and more revenue than any other channel for a reason. The reason? The majority of purchases start with Google Search and the majority of that traffic goes to organic positions. To find out more, check out our page about SEO.

Google Adwords

Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Google Adwords is the absolute most profitable channel for new clients hands down. Why? Speed. While SEO can drive more traffic in the long-term, PPC can deliver traffic and conversions right from the first month. Find out more by checking out our page about Google Adwords.

Social Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Advertising is the most targeted advertising opportunity to ever exist. How? By monitoring every single thing a person posts, reads, likes & watches, Facebook knows more about your audience than you could ever imagine. Learn more on our page about Social Advertising.


Website design used to be about drawing pretty pictures and crunching code. Today, Web Design is about psychology, buyer behaviour & user experience optimisation. Why? $. Bad design costs money, good design makes money. Find out more on our page about Websites.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO exponentially increases lead volumes & return on investment without sending a single additional visitor to your site. How? CRO increases the rate at which your website turns visitors into customers by giving users more reasons to buy and less reasons not to. Learn more on our page about CRO.

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Who do we help?

Why choose us?

With over 19+ years experience helping Brisbane businesses execute effective marketing campaigns we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our Client Success Managers are here with the sole purpose of growing your business like our livelihood depends on it (because it does).

And our focus on Return On Investment means you can be confident every dollar you spend will generate you a profit in return.

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