Breakdown of an IMPRESSIVE landing Page

Breakdown of IMPRESSIVE landing pages

Today we will be learning & breakdown of of the IMPRESSIVE landing pages i have seen. We will be able to see what element is included, and how the landing page is structured, how we can apply to our own sales funnel.

Now, let’s get started.

  1. Overview of the landing page
  2. Breakdown of the landing page
  3. Summary, Key takeaways

Overview of the Landing Page

Here is the link to the landing page we are looking today!

Here is the screenshot of the whole landing page:

Breakdown of the landing page:

1. Main introduction video:

Here in this introduction video, Max walkthrough what is inside the Chatbot Playground. and show each of the module, and explain a little bit about the logic and flows, and how this going to benefit you. The video come with Private Facebook Group, Lots of ready to make flows.

I would probably do the same. but I will add the more Clear Red Click to Play button on the video thumbnail.

2. CTA:

There is an highlight call to action above the fold, which is Learn more, will direct to the content section of the course.

Also there is any arrow point down to encourage you to scroll down to see more information.

3. Why should you join?

The right next section will explain to you why you should join? why you need this course? how is this going to help you & your business? This part is mostly address to how this course able to help them.

Everyone looking to buy something, they are always looking for “What’s in it for them?”

So except explain what is your content, and you also need to address to the “benefits to your potential customer” “How this going to solve their painpoints” “how their life is different if they choose your course or products”.

4. What’s inside?

This part is giving much more details about what is inside, the flows, template, and the guild-lines of the course.

This will give you an idea what are you expecting Exactly!

5. Payment CTA

This is the first time to show the price, and also Max added two testmonials & 30 day money back guarantee. which will help to ease the worry.

The payment plan is the full payment & split payment of 2 times. exactly the same content. Also there is an refund policy in grey link after the badge.

6. FAQ

This is the part you should answer the most asked questions. most of the questions is about:

  • I’m a beginner! Is this course right for me?
  • Is this course right for me?
  • Do you have a refund policy?
  • What am i going to learn?
  • What if i can’t figure something out?
  • Which tools do i need?
  • How are lessons being delivered?

7. Another Payment CTA

This is another CTA with the button, and payment icon behind.

If it is for me, i will possible use the same CTA like the bottom of the page, it is more eye catching.

8. Social Proof

Social proof have been proven very powerful to increase the conversion rate. Max have two columns and text from facebook, chat, email, and in videos format also.

9. Another Payment CTA

There is another Payment CTA, with stress on the 30-Day money back guarantee. the design is the different like the above payment CTA. revert colors on all the background & buttons.

Summary, Key-take aways:

Actually when i first see the landing page, i pretty like the design, pretty straight forward. The use of color is more consistent.

All the important elements is included in the landing page, what i will learn from this landing page:

  1. Be consistent with your brand color
  2. Have the hero video to walkthrough the course, tracking these video watchers, and retarget or lead scoring the video watchers.
  3. CTA above the fold still requires
  4. CTA of the payment plan in different places, slight different designs.
  5. Use of social proof at the payment plan section and large section at the bottom of the page.
  6. Sequence of the benefits → what is inside → FAQ, steps to first raise the eager to buy, then tell exactly what you can expect → answer any your concerns questions.
  7. Missing live chat at the bottom of the page, this is sales page, i think should have the live chat enabled. just in case the people have other questions.

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