Build Rock Solid data-driven analysis framework for your Shopify Store.

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t have a business!”

Don’t be glazed by the screenshot of sales revenue by other dropshipper. The reality will be total different once you consider the cost of the goods, ads cost, refunds, transaction fees, paid apps fees. 

Even through Shopify make it super easy to track enhanced ecommerce to Google Analytics. But there are a lot of improvement can be done, which can provide 360 degree view your campaign, website performance, real Profit/ROI. 

The Rock Solid Analysis Framework will include following 4 parts:

  1.  Where the traffic source if coming from? In so much details & Clear classfication.
  2.  What are they doing on your store? Track & measure valuable browser behavior.
  3.  Are they Accomplish your goals & Transactions?
  4.  Connecting the dots, connect the visitor behavior to different ads platform, Explode your ROI

Last, this project is a passion project. All the Videos & Course will be available to learn for Free (condition applied).

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Topic covered:

  • UTM Tagging
  • Customized Channel
  • Correctly Tag Facebook Campaign
  • Google Analytics
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Google Tag Manager

#1 Tag & Track all the traffic source

Where are they coming from?

It’s a simple question, but hard to answer. Maybe you already familiar with UTM Tagging, but:

  1. How to maintain the correct traffic source if you are sending traffic to your shopify from landing page tools?
  2. How to correct tag Facebook campaign, and understand the facebook performance from your GA Channel report?
  3. How to get extra information like initial landing page, initial referrer, last referrer, number of visits into your GA report, and connect such extra traffic source information with your transactions, goals. etc

What will be covered in this Topic?

  1. Understand how google attribute the traffic
  2. Understand UTM tagging and how to correctly tagged all traffic. Especially how to tag social media campaign
  3. Set up customized channel report in Google Analytics, understand & analytics campaign results of each traffic source.
  4. Passing on extra traffic source into GA

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Topic covered:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Scroll Tracking

#2 Know everything about your visitor. I mean EVERYTHING!

What are they doing on your site?

Everything on our site matters. We track all the user behavior on your store, to better understand how user using your site. Also we pass these behavior signals to different Ads platform to build custom audience, which will explode your ROI & Profit.

So what we can know about the visitors?

  1. How long have the visitor actually engaged on our page(i mean the time they actually look, scroll, type etc, not just open the tab in the background)?
  2. How long have the user actually “see” your product description? Not a simple pagview, but the actual time of your product description on the screen?
  3. How far the visitor have been scroll down on the page? 25% or 100%?
  4. How many pageviews they have been visiting in a visit?
  5. Have they subscribe to our maillist? Download your ebook? Watched video on your page?
  6. Have they submit the contact form or live chat with you for support?

Such behavior data will tell you if your website is working or not. But most importantly, if you can connect such user behavior data on your website, you will open an new world of the audience to target!

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Topic covered:

  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking in Shopify(not the default setting)
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking in woocommerce
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking Everything in shopify & woocommerce
  • Email Automation Marketing

#3 Tracking Goal Completion & Conversions

Are they complete any goals or conversion?

So you want to make sales? We will teach you how to track sales and other important goals in Shopify platform(not the default Google Analytics integration). 

What we will cover in this section?

  1. how to implementation enhanced ecommerce in Shopify through Google Tag manager
  2. How to implement livechat on your site and track the conversion.
  3. How to tracking add to cart, initiate checkout & form submission.
  4. How to pass more traffic source information into each of your transaction.

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Topic covered:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag manager
  • Facebook Advanced Pixel Tracking
  • Adwords & Facebook interconnection



“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. ” Said Steve Jobs.

What’s missing in the digital marketing?

So you can track how many time they spend on site, how many pageviews they initiate on your site? How far they have scroll down your page? So what? How to make the most out of these data for your marketing strategy?

That’s what we invented: We need to connect the dots between different systems?

Want some example? Keep reading…….

So by now, you should know that Not all audience are created equal.

Image that you are doing remarketing (if you are not doing this, you should do it right away), By default, Shopify or woocommerce is passing pageview, View content, Add to cart, Purchase to Facebook Pixel.

By default, your shopify pixel & woocommerce only fires important event, like view content, add to cart, purchase events. And after that they treat all the other visitors is the same!?

But they are totally not the same!

Some visitors came, and close the website within 3 seconds.

Some visitors came, scroll down, watched your video, download ebook & subscribe your email list.

By passing on visitor website behavior data to your Facebook Campaign, You have your Laser target high engaged audience! This will improve your ROI significantly.

Also you are running Adwords? How about connected your Adwords search Campaign data to your Facebook Campaign? Reach exactly highly buying intent audience on Facebook Platform! There is much more dots we can connect! Start learning today!

” I am just starting to learn how to connect my adwords traffic with Facebook Platfrom. The tricks i haven’t learned from is AMAZING! I have instantly see GREAT Results!”

Darren Read – Warehouse Six

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