Even Facebook is doing, but doing it WRONG

There is an important Facebook Pixel tricks, Even Facebook itself is doing it. But they are doing it terrible wrong.

Now, Let’s see one of the Facebook Pages, and check what extra Pixel information they are sending along with the Pixel.

Go to the page,


And Check all the pixel fires, you will be able to see, They’re using an event per 10% scroll to track how far down the page a user is scrolling.

It is totally fine to add more context to Facebook Pixel. But they are not doing it correctly. The information along with the scroll depth is so missing. With so much little information, you won’t be able to make the full use of such behaviour data on your site.

Let’s see one of our Shopify store pages, and see what kind of scroll depth data we are passing to Facebook Pixel.

Here is an screenshot to one of our Shopify stores. Let’s see our product details page Facebook Pixel fires,

As you can see, we are passing the scroll depth as percentage, and also we are passing along the information related to the product details:

  1. Product name
  2. Product brand
  3. Product Price
  4. Page title
  5. Product SKU ID

And along with product details information, we are passing the source of the traffic information as well. Such as:

  1. UTM Information(source,medium,campaign, content, term)
  2. Initial landing page
  3. Initial referrer
  4. Last referrer
  5. Number of Visits

Other information like:

  1. How many pages visit in this session
  2. How many pageviewed per user
  3. How many total engaged time
  4. Sourcecookie: which is the combination of traffic source in various visits to your site.
  5. Devices Name & Device Type

This kind of information & combination will give you so much freedom to create different segmentation.

For example, you can easily create the audience of:

  1. Create the audience of who scroll 75% down the page of the product price more than 40$
  2. Create the audience who came from specific campaign source, and scroll down 100% on specific product page.

The combination is endless. It is only limited to your imagination. If you want to learn how to implement this to your store(shopify or woocommerce store), just subscribe or contact me. I will show you EXACTLY how to do it. NO CODNG IS REQUIED. ONLY COPY & PASTE.

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