Facebook Pixel is important, what is more IMPORTANT?

Facebook Pixel is important?

We are digital marketers, we all know that Facebook Pixel is very important.

That is why you will always see the post about “seasonal your pixel”, or create specific pixel for each niche, and always create 2nd backup pixels.

Also your lookalike audience is relying on your Facebook Pixel to create.

It will very highly make you think, OK, All the juicy information is contained in the Facebook Pixel.

But is this correct? I use to think so too, until most recently when i tried to use the share pixel on another different ads account.

What is more IMPORTANT?

So, what’s happened?

Ok, i have two ads account, and one account is doing very well, so i am sharing this account facebook pixel to my other account. Hoping to duplicate the success out of it.

Well, guess what? It doesn’t work very well. No purchase after huge money spent. Which lead me to think.

Maybe what i used to think is wrong, All the juicy information is not contained in the Facebook Pixel after all.

Think about it, Facebook Pixel is just a piece of javascript code, it does not have the capacity to store or make use of the data it collect. All these data is sending back to Facebook. Since Facebook is optimized at the adset level, then All these juicy information is stored at your ads account, at your adset level. Definately not on the Facebook pixel itself.

That being said, if you want to share the pixel between different ads account, I would think the best way will be to share the audience created by the pixel. So that the valuable information can be passed on to the audience itself. Only sharing pixel is simply not enough.

New understanding about Facebook Pixel

As “depesh Mandalia once said in one of his post, he would like to think Facebook pixel more like the sonar for the ship, it will go out there and detect the environment, and report back.

Facebook Pixel itself is just an messenger, and it carries the valuable information back, and create an database which holds records of every single person that’s visited your website and therefore knows who’s likely to convert and who’s not at the ad set level.

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