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Power your Facebook Pixel with Browser Behavior Data

Why should you learn "Facebook Pixel Playground"?

Saving Your Ads Spent

  • Saving 80% Retargeting Cost
  • Boosting your conversion rates to the roof

Reach Most Engaging Customers

  • Reach the Buying-Intent Audience
  • Take the whole Retargeting to the whole NEW LEVEL

Soaring Facebook Lookalike Performance

  • Lookalike audience on engaged audience
  • Get soaring results from lookalike campaign

Non-Coding, Copy & Paste

  • All the lesson is designed for non-developer.
  • Follow the lesson, copy & paste, No coding required. Simple as that!

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • + 52 Video Trainings to help you to pass AWESOME data to your Facebook Pixel
  • Most training has notes, resources.
  • Lifetime updates, more videos every week.

Save A Lot of Time

  • GTM Container that you can download & import, plug-play style.
  • Step by step debug to make sure EVERYONE can correctly implemented.

What's in the Course?

+ 6 Plug-n-Play Google Tag Manager Container

You’ll get access to 6 ready-made Google Tag Manager Container which you can import with two clicks & change to your own needs. These container will installed the scroll depth tracking, engagement timer & element visibility tracking to your website( Shopify store) IMMEDIATELY!

Some examples:

  • Scroll Depth Tracking & Engagement Timer Receipe
  • Element Visibility Tracking Receipe
  • Shopping Cart Tracking Receipe
  • Shopify Checkout Receipe
  • No Purchase create equal Receipe
  • Complete FASSSST Track receipe
  • Welcome! Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Assumptions
  • Registrate Google Tag Manager & Get the Code
  • Connect Shopify with Google Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Manager Walkthrough
  • Overview of the data Flow
  • Variables in Google Tag Manager
  • Triggers & Tags in Google Tag Manager
  • Built-in Listener & Customer Listener
  • Activate Listener & Create Triggers
  • Fire FB Pixel on Home & Collection Page
  • Fire FB pixel on product pageManager
  • Debug
  • Import GTM Container
  • Customize your own engagement timer Tracking
  • Fire FB Pixel on Home & Collection Page
  • Fire FB pixel on product page
  • Debug Engagement Timer Tracking
  • Introduction to Element Visibility Tracking
  • Customize your element visibility trigger
  • CSS Selector Easy Way(non-developer)
  • Element Visibility Event To FB Pixel
  • Add Code to Shopping Cart Page & Debug
  • Create user-define dataLayer Variable
  • Solve the Product ID Array for Facebook Pixel
  • Fire View Shopping Cart Event to FB Pixel
  • Engagement Timer on Shopping Cart
  • Dynamic Ads Set up for View Shopping Cart – Part 1
  • Dynamic Ads Set up for View Shopping Cart – Part 2
  • Two BIG Problems for the Checkout Tracking
  • How to maintain the information across pages in GTM
  • Cookie Management Receipe to the rescue
  • Dynamically Populated Value into Cookie
  • Introduce 1st Party Cookie Variable
  • How to debug & understand the data flow
  • Install GTM to Shopify Checkout Pages
  • Create Javascript Variable to Unify Checkout Pages
  • Extra Valuable Information to FB on Checkout Pages
  • Engagement Timer to FB on Checkout Pages
  • Update Dynamic Ads for the Checkout Pages
  • Introduction
  • Paste Code & Push data into dataLayer
  • Build custom audience for your retargeting
  • Build lookalike audience for engaged audience
  • Create custom conversion & Optimized for custom conversion
  • No Pageview is created EQUAL Container File
  • Element Visibility Container File
  • No Shopping Cart is created EQUAL Container File
  • No Checkout is created EQUAL Container File
  • No Purchase is created EQUAL Container File
  • Complete FASSSST Track Container File

+ 3 Hours of Video Trainings

The 12 sections in the “Facebook Pixel Playground” contain more than 52 training videos, which is +3 hours of content for you to watch on demand.

The training videos have notes, resource collection (so you can learn more if you want to), Google Tag Manager Container files that you can import with two clicks and change to your own needs.

I’ve put a lot of effort into creating a clear, practical, and detailed course for you.

+ Design for beginners, non-developers

This course is designed for non-developers & who don’t know anything about Google Tag Manager. It will be also good resources to get your journey to start with data-driven marketing.

+ Suitable for Step by Step or Rocket Fast learning

You can follow the course step by step, take your time. Or you can start our FASSSST Track implementation within 5 mins!
Choice is YOURS!

Join the Facebook Pixel Playground now?

Facebook Pixel Playground

Full Course

  • + 52 Video Tutorials
  • +6 Plug-n-Play Google Tag Manager Receipes
  • 1-to-1 Help available
  • Responsive Custom Support
  • Lifetime update & access to the course

USD $149

Please read refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use different Shopify theme, will this course work for my store?
Actually this should be working on almost any Shopify theme, although some of the Shopify theme might need little customization. The implementation have been tested and worked perfectly with Simple, Brooklyn, Debut, Venture, Pop, Minimal, Jumpstart, Narrative, Shoptimized Theme. 

What am I going to learn?
You’ll learn how to integrate the website behavior data into your Facebook Pixel. Website behaviro signal like scroll depth, engagement timer or element visibility will give you another insights into your customer. You can use such information to further segment your visitor, saving your ads cost and increase your conversion rates. Also we have improved the whole view shopping cart & checkout in your Shopify to the WHOLE NEW LEVEL! You can learn to implement this immediately!

Is this course right for me?
If you’re selling products or services online through Facebook and want to learn how to leverage Facebook Pixel in an extremely powerful way without any coding knowledge, then I’m sure that you’re going to love it. If you have any doubts just send me a message or click the Live Chat and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Additionally, I also have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason you’ll get your full investment back. Please read the refund policy here.

I’m a beginner! Is this course right for me?
Yes! I start with some basic introduction of Google Tag Manager, and some very important concept about how data flows from Shopify to 3rd party Platform(like Facebook). I don’t know any coding, so i am sure you will understand it. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer every question you have. Just hit me up. 

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes! I’m convinced that you’re going to love the Facebook Pixel Playground, but if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason within the first 30 days you’ll get a full refund of your investment. Please read the refund policy here.

What if I can’t figure something out?
My and the other members are there for you! You can ask every question you have in the Facebook Group or send me a message. I’ll answer every question to the best of my knowledge.

How are lessons being delivered?
You get personal login details to access the “Facebook Pixel Playground” Course. There you will find the +52 Training Videos, importable Google Tag Manager Containers & all the additional recourses. You can watch all Training Videos at your own pace.

Which tools do I need?
You will only need one Google Tag Manager Account. That’s it. Just follow the course step by step. I promise you will figure it out. 

I don’t know any coding, will i able to complete the course?
Definately, this course and all the future course from connectdots.co are developed from non-developer, and for the non-developers. 

You should be able to understand it, if you don’t, we are ready to make more improvement on our course. Our goals is to make the course that everyone can understand and be able to implement for their store and website.

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