How to scale EASILY and stop struggling with dropshipping

Theory Basics

Today, i am going to reveal one of our best strategies which we follow for every new brand. To understand this…. you need a basic idea of how Facebook Pixel works.

The Facebook pixel learns from everyone who goes to your site, even if you’re not running Facebook ads at all. So what does this exactly means?

Well, it means, if someone buys from your store coming from an organic search on Google, this person will be included in Facebook Pixel( Conditions applied, check my other blog post for more details), Also if the customers buys from an Adwords Referral(same condition applies), the customer will be included in Facebook Pixel. So this will mean that even the person have never engaged with your ads or visited your Facebook page, But Facebook will learn from the buyer persona, and you can build custom audience of the website visitors.

This is little scary, just image that if all the website have the Facebook Pixel installed, and If Facebook really be able to match your activity on all these sites, then Facebook will know so much about us without us even knowing it.

You will see more audience targeting options such as “engaged shoppers” “Online Shopping”, All these categories might be possible that you have been activated many Facebook Purchase Pixel Events. And there is another tricks to know how many actually buyers in your audience. Just use the overlap tools with your audience and the “engaged shoppers”, then viola, you will have these important information on your finger tips.

How it works:

Facebook Pixel worked based on how much data it has, the more “targeted” data you give it, the more “segmented” data you give it, the better it is for your ad account.

For example, Facebook showed your ads to 1000 people, and 500 hundreds people clicked to your website, and 100 people add to cart and purchased. And then you can build lookalike audience based on these 100 people, and let Facebook to find more people who have common in these 100 people.

Most people struggle with Facebook Ads because their targeting isn’t right. Facebook don’t even know how to show your ads to those 1000 people.

So How to solve this problem?

Spend 30% of your ads budget on Google Adwords slowly for up to 2 months!

Why this strategy WILL WORK?

Mostly importantly, because Facebook does not get you buyer intent traffic, on Google, People are looking for your products!

So, instead of sending 1000 not buying people to your store, you send just 100 who have more tendency of buying your products from Google.

You will pay as much as getting 1000 people on Facebook or even more to get 100 people from Google, BUT, this traffic will be targeted.

Now, After having enough data, make custom audiences, build lookalike audience and stop wasting money on testing so many interests.

So the strategy will look like the picture below:

What’s NEXT!

First, Stop thinking Facebook is the only traffic platform for dropshipping business.

Second,Think dropshiping as long term game, instead of just want to make quick money.

Third, Try to make the best use of Google adwords, or Google Shopping ads, you might get even better results from Facebook.

Last, If you combine Facebook & Google, That will totally change your game, Think about this:

1) Bring target traffic from Google

2) Build lookalike audience of target traffic & Scale on Facebook

3) Retarget the audience both on Facebook & Google Network

This should give you success in ANY Niche & ANY Business!

This post is inspired by: Brahim Fateine

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