Multiple Language chatfuel bot support your scaling strategy

I was sleep last night. But in my dream, i dreamed up one strategy for FB Campaign. I personally think it might worth writing about.

And also i will put this on my waitting list. Once i have some free time, I will definately going to try it.

So I saw one popular video, one very popular products, i don’t remember about the product itself. But I clear remember there are a lot of the comments under the video.

All type of comments, from different lauguage, arabic, French, etc. most is writing about:

  1. How much of the products? (Even though you write the price price in the copy? Maybe you don’t know the price in their own currency)
  2. Where to buy this product? (Even though you include the link to your site, but they might not saw it)
  3. Do you support COD?
  4. How long is the delivery to received the goods?
  5. Return policy
  6. Any discount?

Yeah, You can image the most FAQ asked question. but there is any one to answer them. And What my strategy is going to solve this problem.

If you comment, i am going to include you into my bot, and most importantly, my bots is speaking your own language, and will explain the FAQ to you.

Keep looking, I will briefly explain what is the plan.

The BIG Plan to bring you insane ROI

I believe in broad audience, and also worldwide targeting, if you have strong winner product, when you scale to other different countries, or different languages, my plan will help you a lot.

So What do you need:

  1. No coding skill required(because i don’t know any coding myself, so the solutions i am exploring will all no coding required)
  2. Chatfuel(Possible intergration with Dialogflow through janis)

So, Once people comment under you post,

  1. It will trigger comment growth tool, It will trigger you chatfuel sequence(if you want to make sure, create the default messeage, ask them to type special word.
  2. The keyword will trigger sequence in chatfuel
  3. The chatfuel will send the user to different language blocks, supported by Dialogue through janis. You can google translate the FAQ questions. explain everything in their own language.
  4. Send the directly shop link to buy the product
  5. Retargeting the user after certain time (within 24-hour window) right in the messenger or collect their email.
  6. Build the audience of people who message you, release the Dynamic Product Ads to show them exactly ads they have seen.

Here is the link for multiple languages with Dialogue Flow:

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