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Browser through dozes of available sites template & landing pages. We install it FOR FREE for you!

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The most popular Page builder, and add on will be provide to you FOR Free with Active License, Valued at $199

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So you need website for Spa, Clinic, Dentist, eCommerce, Shopify, Business, online course? We have it all. Check and preview some of our demo below:

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Here is a list of what we do it for you:

  • Pick from our 30+ Ready-Made Website Template
  • Ready within 2 Working Days
  • We optimize LIGHTING LOAD Website for you
  • Install Necessary Popular WordPress Plugins, backup, security, SEO, etc
  • Install SSL, domain direction for you.
  • Hosting on the server we love

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Amazing Designed

Our Ready-Made webite templated is pixel perfect, stylish, conversion focused. We have various ready-made website from different industries, SPA, Restaurant, eCommerce, Lawyers, Medical, etc.

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We host all our customer website in FAST Hosting Provider – Cloudways, You will enjoy all the FAST Loading Website you ever experienced!

Lighting Fast Website

Your website will be optimized from picture, css, javascript, etc. We will make sure your website loading Lighting FAST!

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Encrypted Certificate is necessary for ecommerce and many other website too. We will install free SSL license for your site for FREE.

Backup Ensured

You will be rested assure, and don’t have to worry about the website breakdown. We will set up daily backup schedule for you. So you will never worried!

Necessary Paid Plugin Installed

We use the most popular Page builder, Elementor, Elementor Pro, Astra Pro for all our website project, We will install all these plugins and many others for free to your site. So that you can have a quick start.

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Based on Fast performing WordPress Theme like Astra. Stellar Speed optimization for your Websites!

  • Incredible FAST Server

We Love Cloudways!
Build on ThunderStack-a potent combination of Web server and cache technologies, FAST! FAST!

  • Fast Performing Theme

Industry leader of Fast Performing Themes like Astra. Every line of code is simple & Fast!

  • On site Speed Optimization

Render blocking Javascript? Minifiy CSS & Javascript? Reduce Image Size, etc. We try everything to increase the page load time for your websites!


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Really FREE? FAQ

The most common questions

Yes, It IS! At least at no cost of you! So basically we would suggest you to use the hosting server(cloudways) to host your website, and you are not paying more then you should. However, hosting company will share some commission to us. That’s how we sustain this FREE Website to our customer.

It is very GOOD. We have been using cloudways for all our clients, and the satisfaction rate is like 99%! It is perfect for small & large business. Easy to scale vertically if you ever need it, and offer free SSL, server backup, many speed optimizations, etc. 

We love Cloudways, and we hope you will LOVE it too!

If you already have the server now, and you would like to change the provider, we can migrate your website for free to the new Cloudways server, shoot us email if you need any help.

WOW! You are really make things difficult for us! But no worries, If you would like to spread the word for us, we can also set up the website you want for free.

All the website that have the free category, we can offer them for free for your website.

By the way, we will install the most popular page builder – Elementor for you, and if you are a little techie, you can learn very fast to make the changes you want, However if you need help or want us to customize for you, we would charge based on the pages, type of website and project, You can check our service page for details.

Once you confirm and purchase the hosting from our referal link, we will ask you to add us to your team member!

Then it will take 2 workings days to get the website you want ready(Free category).

If you need customization, the times varies depending on the content provide from your side. 

If all the content are provided timely, it should be completed within 7 working days.

Well, I am Glad you asked. The free website is just an start of our “relationship”. We are local business marketing expert. We build data-driven analytics systems for local business. Subscribe to our email. We will keep you updated.

For your server or website, you can create separate user for us. When we done our job, you can just delete our access. You will be all ready to go. There is nothing to be worried about.

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🙂 Hope to start our “relationship” soon. 


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