Download Checkout Container Script

[Free Download] Get the ONE line of code that measures “Buyer Intent” with Engagement Timer & Scroll depth

Work with Facebook Pixel to give you more bang for your PPC buck!


This code tracks on-page “Buyer Intent” actions to the Facebook Pixel on your campaign pages.

Simply install this almost magical code, and it’ll instantly start tracking Buyer Intent Signals with Page Scroll depth, Engagement Time – so you can put your offer in front of people who’ve SHOWN strong interest to ascent your funnel:

  • Instantly show offers HOT taffic — ready and hungry to buy!
  • Create Remarketing Audiences of your BEST visitors
  • Retarget visitors who actually read your content!
  • Retarget the people who read AT LEAST half of your copy.
  • Spot WARM traffic to retarget to build trust and desire.

Download the Container File Today!