One Thing You don’t know about Facebook Pixel

Strategy about bring Google & Facebook Together

1. Difference about Google & Facebook

We all should know by now, there is HUGE different between the audience on Facebook & Google. To simple put, the audience on Google is more “HOT”, they are actively looking for product, looking for solution. So they are more at the bottom of the funnel.

But on the other hand, the audience on the Facebook is not “actively” looking for your products. Actually people login Facebook to check up their friends & family status, they are not on Facebook to look your ads, they are looking for fun & relax on Facebook.

Now we have understand the different of the platform. So you will know it will be very hard to find the target audience on Facebook, it will be easier on Google.

But, in order to make the full potential of Facebook, to create lookalike audience, to scale your campaign to the maximum, Facebook need more data through Facebook Pixel

2. What Facebook Want(through Facebook Pixel)

Yeah, Facebook is an AI-machine, All he want is data, so that he can find the pattern, and find the unseen connection between all these audience, and use what Facebook knows(yeah, they know shit ton of us) to find the lookalike audience for our campaign.

So we need to give Facebook pixel more data. and also more targeted, relevant data. So how about the “HOT” traffic from Google?

It is highly targeted and super interested in our products, will Facebook Pixel be able to pick up the traffic from Adwords, and build lookalike audience out of it?

Well, this will leads to our next question, How Facebook Pixel works? Will Facebook Pixel be able to pick up the traffic from Adwords & match them on Facebook? How this supposed to work?

3. Strategy to combine the power of Google & Facebook

1) Bring target traffic from Google Adwords

2) Build lookalike audience from the traffic on Facebook, release campaign to those Lookalike audience.

3) Retarget the website visitors on Google & Facebook

Instead of wasting your money to test different audience & interests, it will be much easier to build lookalike audience from Google Traffic, and mostly importantly, this methods is well suited for any product or services.

Because you will find sometimes, it is very hard to find such audience on Facebook, there isn’t such interests on Facebook to target, but through the keywords tools from Adwords, you can bring any type of traffic for any industry.

That, my friend, is the beauty of this system.

Now, in order to make this work, there is an potential problem, you need to understand or figure it out.

How Facebook Pixel works? and match them to your Facebook ID?

Keep reading, we will discuss this in details in the next section!

Understand Facebook Pixel

1. So what is Facebook Pixel?

It is just an simple piece of javascript code. The principle behind Facebook pixel, is that, it is a transparent, 1×1, unique image file that is sits on Facebook servers. However, you can embed this code on pages outside of Facebook, so each time, the files is loaded, then Facebook is aware of the activities.

2. Power of Facebook(unique user attribution)

One of the Facebook claims is that they can attribute the conversion to the ads in a much long window. This is because Facebook is not using cookies like google analytics. Because if you are using cookies, we all know that cookies are bound to a browser, and which make it so much difficult to track user across different browser or devices.

But Facebook is different. Because we all login Facebook to checkout our timeline.

So, this MAGIC will happen once you login your Facebook account through browser, or apps or any other devices. Facebook will check the browser you are using(sometimes even the plugin install for particular browser), machine, or IP address, and they will generate a signature to match that user.

If the same user use several devices & browser to visit their facebook, all of these combination will associate to one, single user.

For for your Facebook Account, you might have different combinations associated to it, like work computer + chrome; work computer + IE; Home computer + Safari, etc

So we understand how Facebook attribute to Facebook user. Now Here is what happens when you visit one of the pages which have Facebook Pixel installed on it.

1) You visit a page which have Facebook Pixel installed on it.

2) Facebook is able to record that a given time, a user with a certain signature(the combination of the devices you are using) visited the page.

3) Even you don’t come directly from Facebook, As long as you login on your Facebook before with that devices, You will be able to be identified by Facebook.

4) Then Facebook know things like, who are the users checked a given product in the last 2 weeks but didn’t purchase it? And also this will give Facebook the power to compare people who have seen a specific ad and people who see the pixel, and attribute the conversion to the specific ads within 7 days or 28 days window.

So, In summary,

1). Facebook Pixel tracks all the traffic

2). Facebook Pixel use combination to generate a signature to attribute Facebook Users.

So In order for the above strategy to work, If we bring the traffic from Google Adwords, if the user is using the browser login Facebook Once, then Facebook will be able to match the traffic to that specific Facebook user.

Then it will be highly possible to build target lookalike audience based on our traffic from Google Adwords.

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