Recommended Tools & Resources

This list will be the tools or platform i am using on daily basis.

I’ve extensively tested them on real-life projects‚ and also i will build learning course around all the tools mentioned in this list.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you buy, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.


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Prefer a one-page download instead?

This is everything you need to even be admitted to the game of online business. Before you’ve got this set up, don’t even think of doing anything else.

Cost: FREE but essential

premium features cost $39.95(for unlimited websites). It’s well worth the small expense.



GeneratePress is a simple, lightweight WordPress theme. 

Why is it the best for you? 
It’s the perfect framework for your custom web design creations. It’s super fast, very easy to use, but also extremely powerful.

Cost: FREE but superb

additional Pro features start at $49Unbelievable value.



Elementor is a WordPress Page Builder plugin.

Why is it the best for you?
If GeneratePress is the picture frame, think of Elementor as the blank canvas, with a palette of incredible design tools.

Elementor is a simply unbelievable drag-n-drop page builder tool. Easy to use and highly intuitive—it blows all other similar products out of the water. 

Cost: I recommend at least the basic package

Which starts at $7.45/month.

#1 BEST Hosting Company


Cloudways is the Webhosting we trust and used for every single one of our project.

Why is it the best for you?
Cloudways offer a superb hosting service. Their servers are VERY fast, very reliable and highly secure (no worries about hackers). What’s more, their support team are simply amazing. I get friendly, helpful responses within minutes to support queries.

Cost: Totally free



WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform.

Why is it the best for you?
It’s true. By default, WordPress isn’t the obvious choice for a non-coder designer. It typically requires either knowledge of code OR using pre-designed templated themes that hamper your unique design vision.

Received Awesome Resource update?

BONUS: I’ll also let you know the minute I update these recommendations in future.

Cost: FREE


The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is an essential WordPress plugin that makes WP more search engine friendly.

Why is it the best WordPress SEO plugin?
Coding websites to be search engine friendly and up-to-date with the latest SEO is hard. Thankfully, The SEO Framework makes it really really easy, with sensible default settings suitable for most websites.


Security & Backup Plugins

WP sometimes has a bad rep for being insecure and a target for hackers. Yes, it’s a popular platform running millions of websites so it’s bound to be a target. However, take some sensible precautions and your websites will be fine. Mine have been for years.  I recommend:

All in One WP Security. We like this WordPress security plugin the best. It’s comprehensive, user-friendly and it just works.

Antispam Bee. A powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates every kind of WordPress spam. Beautiful.

All In One Migration. If you want to quickly move a WordPress site to a new host, or from a test space to the live server.  I use it all the time to set up new WP sites, based on my constantly-updated, rock-solid ‘starter site’ .

UpdraftPlus. An excellent FREE backup plugin. You can set it up to automatically backup to Dropbox (or loads of other places). Why would you not? The premium version adds features like scheduling backups for times when your site has the fewest visitors (like the middle of the night).

Cost: FREE


How to Make WordPress FAST

Fast loading websites make visitors happy and search engines happy. Making your website fast isn’t a quick one-click fix, and it can be a complicated topic. Here’s a brief primer for how to make your sites zippy quick.

Use a fast web host: we find cloudways much faster—a dedicated WordPress host.

Use a fast WordPress theme: one of the many reasons I exclusively use GeneratePress. It’s mega-lightweight and coded to be FAST.

Prepare your images upfront: Don’t upload massive high-res images. Durr. Crop them down to the maximum size they’ll be on the website before uploading. Compress them as much as you can, using ‘Save for Web’ (or similar) in your graphics software. Educate your clients.

Use an image optimisation plugin: TinyPNG works really really well to automate a great deal of image optimisation. Super compression!

Install a caching plugin: I’ve settled on WP Rocket. It not only ‘caches’ your pages (making page loads super-fast) but it handles all sorts of other page speed issues too, fuss-free. At $39 for 1 site, it’s a steal. There are TONS of other things you can do to improve page load speeds… but WP Rocket gets you very far.

Test your page speeds: Use the free GTMetrix tool to see how you’re doing. The scores are worth a note, but it’s the actual load speeds that you’re interested in. Get them as low as you possibly can. Your clients’ website users—and Google—will thank you.


Other Recommended Plugins

I don’t recommend you go plugin crazy. Only install plugins you really need. Having said that, the plugins below are regular features of every WordPress site I build.

Simple CSS: allows you to easily add bits of CSS code to your site if you need to. Check it out.

Code Snippets: allows you to easily add ‘functions’, should you need to. This otherwise would require you to install a child theme. It won’t break your site if you add incorrect code. Check it out.

SVG Support: SVG vector graphics are sharp at any resolution, and perfect for retina screens. However, WP won’t allow you to upload SVG files by default. This plugin changes that.

Duplicate Post: It’s very handy to duplicate an existing page as a starting point for a new one. This excellent plugin makes it easy.

Content Aware Sidebars: Sidebars can be tricky in WP. You typically get a default sidebar that appears next to your blog posts. That’s great, but what if you want different sidebars on different pages?

This is where this superb plugin comes in. It’s amazing and SO easy to use—no code required.

Popup Maker: I often want to create a ‘lightbox’ pop-up. For example: click a ‘Request a Callback’ button—up pops the form, overlaid on the page. Popup Maker makes creating these kind of lightbox/modal pop-ups very very easy indeed. And you can put whatever you like in them!

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