I share simplest retargeting hack to explode your leads, sales & profits - easily

Want to learn how to retarget ULTRA TARGET traffic for EXPLOSIVE ROI?    100% FREE. NO coding required!

Are you doing & experience below?

Trying hard to bring cold traffic to your store, build retarget audience of your funnel:

  • View Content but don’t Add to Cart
  • Add to Cart but not Checkout
  • Started Checkout but not finish purchase

Release the campaign, After you have enough conversion, Build lookalike audience below:

  • View Content Lookalike Audience
  • Add to Cart Lookalike Audience
  • Purchase Lookalike Audience

Sounds familiar? What is the results?

Sometime retarget campaign have acceptable ROI, sometime the cost is skyrocket. Not to mention the hell ride of the results of lookalike audience. 

You’re convinced that this is the REALITY. There is nothing you can do about it….. Live with the fluctuate results.

Well, there is way you can do better. Want to know how?


Lower your Facebook Ads cost while increase conversion

Using Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

Simple Question: Someone who simple view your website or Someone who scroll down 100% & active engaged for 5 mins, Who is more valuable to you? 


Not every Pagview/Add To Cart/Purchase are created EQUAL!

Discover how to QUICKLY & EASILY enrich your Facebook Pixel with page & Site behavior data FOR FREE!

I feel your pain...but it can be BETTER.

Well, you see, Facebook Alghorism is an State-of-art AI machine, it is highly rely on the data we provide. The Rule is: Garbage in, Garbage out. If we provide the mixed pixel data, then we’re doomed to receive mixed results.

The solution is also SIMPLE: More detail page interaction data into Facebook Pixle. More ways to segament & build laser target audience

Not Every pageview, Add to cart, Checkout, Purchase are created EQUAL.

  • Pageview Reinvented: Pushing the scroll down & Active engage time on page into pixel. Also include Interaction Event like sharing, Video Watching, etc into Facebook Pixel.
  • Add to Cart Reinvented: Target cart abandoners with total value & total number of products in the cart. Build lookalike audience of ATC audience based on the total value & number of products in the Cart.
  • Checkout Reinvented: Build & target each steps of your checkout process! With extra information like total value in cart, number of products in cart.... Send more relevant promotion to secure the deal!
  • Purchase Reinvented: Build audience of the purchase value, Life time value of your customer, Last time order. Create highly value lookalike audience based on Life time value.

You will be able to learn & implement to your shopify store FOR FREE! 

I'm not GURU(yet), Just passionate about data-driven your Shopify store.

Hi, I’m Matthew Miao.

I started Connectdots.Co to record & share the cool tricks & methods i have learned along the way.

I have been in shopify/dropshipping since 2017, had small success to scale 1 winning products to $50,000 within 2 weeks. Buried with customer emails, payment freezed within paypal for 6 month, Ads account blocked…. A lot of SHIT happens….

Anyway, shortly after the experience, i find my PASSION about build an data-driven framework for shopify store owners.

I have many cool trips & tips to share. Just subscribe and learn it for FREE(limited time ONLY)!

"Facebook Ads algorithem lives on our pixel data. Remember Garbage in, Garbage out. "

Copy-n-paste to fuel Facebook Pixel with AWESOME data. All for free.

Simple video to follow, easy to implement to your shopify store in 5 minutes. no-coding required.

  • Tracking Scroll depth data
  • Tracking Active Engage time on Page
  • Tracking all events on homepage, collection, product details page,Checkout page
  • Tracking Pageviews per session
  • Tracking Pageviews per User
  • Tracking Shopping cart total value & total number of goods in the cart & all the process in the checkout

I'll keep you informed

I will be sharing more cool tricks for my subscribers ONLY. Next topic will be spy & recording every campaign FREE!

“Why my lookalike audience is not working?”

“How to reduce my ads spend & increase ROAS?”

“God bless me to have consistant cost per purchase when i scale”

“How to retarget like a Pro?”

Wave goodby to "Not consistant"

There are ways to achieve to consistant results. 

I have the simple, strarightforward answers.

Provide high value & on-page behavior data to Facebook Pixel.

Believe me: you don’t need to learn how to code, using paid apps to do this. You need to subscribe Now (while it is free).

Start targeting ultra engaged traffic for explosive & consistant results TODAY!

Using this SIMPLEST tricks to Explode your leads, sales & profit EASILY!

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