The one Ads Copy I Like, I’m SURE you will LIKE IT TOO

One Ads GOT My Attention!

I was browsing Facebook the other day.

One Ads got my attention. I would love to share with you guys:

Let’s me put the link here first, this is from Jeff&Jessica Samis

Here is the full copy below:

Places we’ve done it:

In the bed.

On the floor.

My buddy’s couch.

In the car (but not while driving).

At Starbucks.

In the park.

At Jess’ mom’s house.

Too many hotels to count.

At least three hot tubs.

A Chipotle bathroom.

The back of a movie theater.

Oh, and just recently?

We joined the “mile high club.”

What can I say?

We’re freaks.

Sometimes we even let the dog watch.

And no, Sicko, I’m not talkin’ about:

Makin’ bacon, slappin’ sloppies, stuffin’ the muffin, or havin’ a pants-off-dance-off.


I’m talking about business.

By the way, it’s Jeff Samis, from:

And yeah, my wife Jess and I?

We started a laptop business.

So we can work anytime, anywhere.

Whenever we, ahem, get the urge.

Which is pretty damn often since there’s so much money to be made.

And that’s why we’re tellin’ YOU.


See, what we do is:

We make fun little ads – like this – to get leads for other businesses.

For example:

Gyms, salons, chiropractors, accountants, plumbers, dog trainers, realtors, cleaners, photographers, event planners, movers, dentists, doctors, restaurants, shopify stores, you name it.

And since there are hundreds of types of businesses?

Times thousands of cities?

That means:

There’s millions of niches to go into.

No way we can serve ‘em all ourself.

Not even if we had a small army helping us.


So that’s why… we’re willing to teach you.

(Won’t affect us any.)

And guess what?

We’ll do it for free.

Yes, really.

Just enter a valid email here:

Then check your inbox for a private training video.

Where, you’ll discover:

1) How to get your first client.

2) How to actually get them leads.

3) How to get ‘em paying hundreds, maybe thousands a month for those leads.

4) How to rinse, repeat, and build residual income.

And don’t worry:

No experience required.

Doesn’t matter where you live.

Don’t need to be good at sales.

Doesn’t take a ton of time or money.

Just a laptop, a little learning, and a lotta hustle.


And remember, you can do it anywhere.

At any hour.

That’s the beauty of it.

It’s the most lifestyle-friendly business there is.

So even if you’re busy with school, a day job, kids, or all the above?

No reason you can’t do this on the side.


At the very least, watch the free video:

I mean, c’mon.

Whaddya have to lose?

A few minutes of time?

“I dunno, Jeff.”

“Just sounds too good to be true.”

“That’s all.”

“There’s gotta be a catch.”

You’re right, there is.

Ready for it?

Here goes:

If you like what you see, ask about our paid program.

If not, don’t.

Fair enough?

That’s what I thought.

So which email should I send it to?

Type it in here:

“Why, so you can sell it to someone?”


Conspiracy Carl, is that you?

Tell ya what.

Why don’t you go sit in the corner with your iPad – while the grownups talk.


(Sorry, where were we?)

Oh yeah, the free video you wanted.

Here’s the link again:

Don’t miss out.

Yesterday alone, 959 people signed up.


They get it.

This is a real business.

It works for the average person.

And there’s room for everyone, including you.

So why not get in on the action?

Just think:

One client wipes out a few bills each month.

A handful of clients and you could go full-time.

Or, if you’re really ambitious?

Like us?

You keep goin’.

Keep pushin’.

And you set you and yours up for life.

Totally up to you.

But it all starts right here, right now.

With this free video.

So claim it while you can:

It’ll be a hoot n’ a half.


Now, if you’ll excuse me:

I smell like your brother’s feet.

So I’m gonna go take my shower for the day.

I’ll see you in the video,

Jeff Samis

PS, you can build this business anywhere using only your laptop:

What’s great about the Ads?

Well, Now you seen the ads, So do you think it is good ads?

I think this ads is good in below points:

  • Good Photo: Facebook is place for social, so the photos with the real life picture, will get your attention.
  • The “Hint” Behind the copy, subtitles INTRIGE you to read more: So the subtitle “Do it Anywhere!” , “You’are so bad.” and intimacy photo, different places to list, really give you the hint that are they are talking about all the places they are having Sex? Well, that is Exactly the goal? This bring curiousity to the ads, and make you want to click to know more, more click, more engagement, more CTR, more relevance score, less cost to reach more people.
  • The Actually copy itself is also worth to learn. Very short sentences, and get your attention at the first, and then introduce to the hero and business.
  • Multiple CTA Appears natually
  • The funnle behind this: Ads—> Leads —> Video Sales Copy —>Book Call. It’s a simple Funnel, and have the social proof for all these landing pages. If you like you could study the script for the video sales page. And analysis the sequence of all the content.

Learn from the others, and try to implement these to your business.

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