Upgrade your funnels, Two Amazing Thoughts!

I have seen the most advanced Funnels, which really got me thinking.

Thought1: https://evergreenprofits.com/how-we-drive-consistent-high-quality-traffic-that-reliably-generates-sales-day-in-and-day-out/

Thought2: https://www.facebook.com/thejosephlazukin/videos/10214348613523941/

The So-called ” P.A.G” Methods:

How the funnels look like:

1) Use Adwords Long tail keywords to segment the audience

2) Provide value or solutions through the different format of the content

3) Retarget on Facebook or Adwords to the offer or sales page.

4) Retarget to collect email and follow up with Email with the target.

Joseph Funnel

1) SAAS Product: Tripware in the very beginning. Get money up front to cover the ads spent. Physical book to upsell, make up the ads spent ASAP. Also, the physical book will constantly remind you of the services, The book will be packed with value strategy to help you expand your business.

2) Press Articles, Forbes,Enterprisers Interviews about the price, mention the link to the blog post

3) Blog post packed with value strategy using the same services, direct to the sales page in the blog post.

4) Bring traffic to PR post, get lower cpc, and user will mostly likely to follow to blog post and then to the sales page. 3rd party link can also tag the user and then retargeting.

5) SEO factors: increase the font, and user stay time, reduce the bounce rate, and the post will mostly likely rank higher for particular Keywords. Organic traffic can pick up speed.

Both strategy worth me to study little more. Don’t not restrain to the “common” funnel. Funnel is everywhere!

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