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Video 2: Connect Shopify with Google Tag Manager

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3 Easy Steps to connect Shopify with GTM:

We will connect your Shopify Store with Google Tag Manager (Lesson #2)

Registrate Google Tag Manager, Get your Container ID

It's free to registrate Google Tag Manager, Your google tag manager container id looks like GTM-XXXXXX. Copy it, we will use it in Step 2

Paste your own Container id in the line 9, and copy the whole code

Do remember to replace your own Google Tag Manager Container ID in the script below!!!

Paste the whole code to your Shopify Store

Paste the code in the theme.liquid file, in the head section.

Debug the connection is successful

Preview in Google Tag Manager, Refresh your Shopify store, Make sure there is small preview window showing up in your Shopify store. If it is showing up, then it is all done!


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